Togethershare Data Recovery

Togethershare Data Recovery 7.0

Recover all your lost data, including images, audio, and video files

With a clean and attractive interface, a fast scan, and useful filters to locate the files and folders in question, Togethershare Data Recovery offers you a quick and efficient utility to retrieve any lost file or folder. Regardless of how the data was lost, this program can locate and bring back to life nearly any type of file, including images, videos, and audio tracks.

You can select which drives you want the program to scan in search of your valuable data. In order to make sure that the entire recovery process is as simple as possible, the program offers one single scan type, powerful enough to recover files you forgot you have lost. The scan speed is good, though that’ll also depend on the size of the drive and the processing speed of your PC or laptop.

The second step is to locate and select the file(s) you wish to recover among the thousands of files and folders that the program – more presumably – will list for you. You can make use of the various filters provided, mainly by type and modification date, as well as of its powerful search engine. Files can also be previewed in most cases before retrieving them – this is especially useful when dealing with many files of the same type and with similar names. The preview capabilities will largely depend on, first, the type of file you’re looking for – images and text-based files are easier to preview – and, secondly, how recoverable the file is. If the file was deleted long ago, chances are that some (or all) of its data has been rewritten by a new file, thus making it harder to retrieve, let alone preview its contents.

The third and last step is the crucial one – there is where the program recovers your lost data and save it in a new location. Regrettably, to get this far you will need to register your copy of the program first and pay a not-so-cheap fee. As the trial version will not recover any file for free, the level of efficiency of this tool is anybody’s guess. The steep price tag plus the lack of guarantee of a successful data recovery do not help – an option to recover effectively even a small-sized file would probably attract more potential users.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Performs a thorough scan of the drive(s) selected
  • Preview some of the files you wish to recover
  • Organizes your recoverable files by date and file type


  • Does not recover any files unless you pay a license fee
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